The Great Dish Dilemma



This is the great dish dilemma. 


They just keep appearing!  Whyyyyy?!

From what I have heard, most people have a chore that they dislike and put lowest on the priority list. Dishes is mine.

I have good phases where the dishes are done promptly– for a day or two, phases when they get done fairly regularly– when hubby takes on the dishwasher role, and normal– when they get done because we have run out of either bench space or clean dishes.

Honestly, though, I don’t hate doing dishes! I actually enjoy the hour in which I get to do them in peace when Hubby watches the boys and I prop my tablet on the windowsill and watch a Hallmark movie on youtube. This happens because hubby just wants them done, and so do I!! It’s not a conspiracy!

And you know how there is always that one dish that proves more challenging than the rest- the one you soak three times? This is mine…


The porridge bowl. I love porridge but hate the bowl cleaning. But hey, to get more porridge, I have to clean the bowl, and so the great dish dilemma continues.

But hey! Before you’re totally grossed out, my house can be pretty much spotless in less than half an hour on pretty much any given day if I hear that someone is coming over! I’m a pretty tidy person generally. This is just my weak spot domestically. Well, this and my whole “lightning storage”, but that’s another post entirely!

What is your thing? What chore do you prefer to avoid or delay?  Please tell me I am not alone in this?! I’m sorry if this makes clean freaks freak. 😉  Feel free to swing by and remedy the problem!

The true confessions of a real-life mama,


Be real! You have to have a weak spot somewhere!
Be real! You have to have a weak spot somewhere!

8 thoughts on “The Great Dish Dilemma”

  1. Mine is also doing the dishes. I think it is because as soon as I do them, there are somehow more…it. is. never. ending. Ugh!
    I’ve been staring at the dirty dishes since this morning. They’ll get done, eventually, but right now it is so much nicer to be sitting with my feet up and the fan blowing lol. 😛

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  2. Cutlery… I dispise cutlery… With a passion.
    I will wash all the dishes and leave the cutlery soaking in a bowl, until we completely run out of forks (we seem to have less forks than anything else)


    1. hahahahaha, I SO hear you on that! It’s often the same way here! I’m hoping the next house has a dishwasher. I REAAAAAlly need a dishwasher! I’ve realised since asking people about this, that I am actually not that fond of housework in general. I can relate to every chore that people dislike most! Oh dear.


    1. I like laundry, too! We’re in NZ where dryer usage is rare, so I have never even owned a dryer. You can imagine that there are days/weeks when I don’t love laundry anymore because I can’t get my cloth nappies dry fast enough in our damp winters. I’m slightly notorious for getting everything in off the line and eventually getting to folding it, and eventually getting to putting it away. I used to be so fast, but now- not so much!


      1. I feel you there! We also line dry. Although we didn’t use clothe nappies, trying to do that while traveling around when z was in diapers was not really feasible. I probably would have disliked doing laundry if we had. 🙂


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